Polish, Italian & Egyptian Glass: What’s the Difference?

At OrnamentShop.com, we stock up on a wonderful variety of Christmas ornaments each year. When it comes to our glass ornaments, not only do we have so many shapes and colors to choose from, we also have different styles of glass from around the world!

When we search for the perfect ornaments to add to our glass ornaments category, we’re always sure to find ornaments from a few specific countries. Our three favorite types of glass ornaments come from Poland, Italy and Egypt because of their high-quality craftsmanship and unique aspects from each location.

While all three types are made of glass, they contain subtle details that set them apart into different themes for your Christmas tree.

Polish Glass Ornaments

A Polish glass ornament of a bunch of grapes with added sparkle to details, perfect for a magical Christmas tree. | OrnamentShop.comPolish ornaments have beautiful details to resemble real objects. You can find Polish ornaments to represent animals for your tree, such as squirrels and barn owls. These are wonderful decorations to bring winter nature to your tree. You can also find very unique objects represented in Polish glass, such as scuba diving gear and badminton rackets, to represent your favorite things to do in a beautifully detailed ornament.

Some of the most realistic Polish ornaments represent food, which look just like your favorite dishes and desserts. These ornaments make creative gifts for people who love to cook or snack around the holidays. Many of our Polish food ornaments are fruits and vegetables, and would be appreciated by a gardener, too!

Italian Glass Ornaments

An Italian ornament of an angel with glittery wings, a scarf around her waist and holding a violin, perfect for a magical Christmas tree. | OrnamentShop.comWhat I love about Italian ornaments is that they’re more than just glass. Many Italian ornaments are adorned with accents including feathers and glitter. They often represent folk lore for enchanting holiday themes or classic fairy tales, such as a frog with a crown or an elegant ballerina.

Delicate craftsmanship goes into each Italian glass ornament. Not all ornaments have the same level of detail found in Italian ornaments, and they have the most interesting characteristics. There is so much variety to colors and textures found on Italian ornaments, and one is sure to fit a captivating Christmas tree.

Egyptian Glass Ornaments

An Egyptian glass ornament in 24K gold detail and blue blown glass for a magical Christmas tree. | OrnamentShop.comEgyptian glass ornaments are very colorful and come in wonderful geometric shapes. I love these ornaments because they are truly elegant. Their shapes include ornate spheres and teardrop icicles, but they also come in animal shapes, such as elephants and roosters.

If you’re looking for a glass ornament gift for a friend with an adorned Christmas tree, an Egyptian glass ornament will be cherished. Some are accented with 24K gold to bring out the intricate details. When placed alongside lights, they’re sure to stand out.

Which is your favorite type of glass ornament? Tell us in the comments below!

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