DIY Spooktacular Halloween Vial Decorations For A Halloween Tree

Do you love Halloween Decorations as much as I do? I enjoy decorating a Halloween Tree almost as much as my Christmas tree! Because the tree is black, I find that the colors on the ornaments really pop and stand out. Halloween tree ornaments are so much fun to pick out!

I am always looking to enhance the ornaments on my Halloween tree and I have a clever and fun new idea to share. Tiny bottles of witch potion ingredients made into little ornaments were the perfect Halloween tree ornaments to add to my collection this year. They are easy and fun because you get use your creative juices to come up with names for the ingredients!

Glass bat ornament to celebrate Halloween with ornaments. | Ornament Shop


Create Magical Vial Decorations For Your Halloween Tree

In a couple of quick and easy steps that your kids will love to help you with, you can have these ador-a-boo Halloween decorations to hang on your Halloween tree!

Halloween Tree Ornaments Supplies:

  • Clear glass jar charms (can be found in the jewelry section of a craft store)
  • Glitter in a variety of colors
  • Sticker paper or mailing labels
  • Piece of paper or mini funnel

Optional Supplies:

  • Eye of Newt: colorful seed beads
  • Frog Breath: cotton ball dyed green with food coloring
  • Bat Wing: cut wing out of black construction paper and crinkle
  • Crow Feet: made with polymer clay plus black glitter
  • Worm Slime: colored sand plus orange glitter
  • Fairy Wings: tulle “ribbon”
  • Rat Tail: rubber string plus silver glitter
  • Snake Venom: silver crystals plus purple glitter
  • Unicorn Hair: marabou feather strands plus multi-color glitter
  • Dragon Blood: thick glaze and red metallic paint plus red glitter
  • Spider Juice: purple deco water beads – used in flower arrangements and vases
  • Toad Wart: iridescent green glass beads
Skeleton Halloween ornament to celebrate the holiday. | Ornament Shop

Halloween Tree Supplies

Step 1: Decide on ingredient names that you will use to label the glass jars and determine what you will put in each one. Use your imagination!

Halloween Tree Step 1

Step 2: If you don’t have a tiny funnel, make one out of a piece of paper. Fill the jars and replace the corks securely on top.

Note: If you fill the jars with any liquids, coat the cork top with a clear epoxy sealant so that it doesn’t soak up the liquid.


Step 3: Print your jar labels onto a sticker or self-adhesive labels. We used the CHILLER font from Microsoft Word for a dark magic effect. Make sure they are tiny to fit on the jars.


Step 4: Cut out the labels or stickers and adhere them to the appropriate jar.


Step 5: Tie a ribbon or string through the top of each jar so it can hang on your Halloween tree.


Now you are ready to hang your new Halloween decorations on your Halloween tree for a spooktacular display! These tiny ornaments are also fun party favors for a Harry Potter themed birthday party or Halloween costume party.


Halloween Tree Ornaments

A miniature Halloween tree is an enchanting way to celebrate this spooky holiday. Halloween tree ornaments are versatile holiday decorations that you can hang in various places around you home year after year.

Here at Ornament Shop, we hand-personalize all the ornaments you choose FOR FREE! Pick out the most dazzling and thrilling ornaments to celebrate Halloween this year and we will personalize your ornaments with dates, names and brief messages to memorialize the special holiday for years to come.

The best part about having a Halloween tree is that once fall passes, it’s easy to replace your tabletop tree with a miniature Christmas tree!

Are you looking for Personalized Halloween Ornaments to hang on your Halloween tree or to add to your collection? We have several different ornaments and Halloween decorations to help make your home look frightfully delightful!



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