The Mystery Of The Man Cave, Solved

Not sure what all the hype and mystery surrounding a man cave is all about?  Here, the concept of the man cave is explored, along with man cave ideas and the top ten signs you need to look for when determining whether or not your guy needs a man cave!

What Is A Man Cave?

Man Cave TV Watcher

A man cave can be any room or space that is free from female influences, sensibilities and behaviors. This male sanctuary can be a garage, spare room, basement, den or any other place that a man can be alone and enjoy recreational activities that are not sanctioned by his spouse.

Because women are not allowed to influence the decor of the man cave, it is a good place to store his ugly chair that he brought into your marriage. He can establish his own identity and do as he pleases in this space, without having to worry about being on his best behavior or following rules of cleanliness or decorum. It is in his man cave that he can enjoy the freedom of yelling at the TV, hanging out with friends and indulging in hobbies such as sports and video games, without upsetting the powerful dominance of the feminine in the home.

Man Cave Decorating Ideas

Looking for some man cave ideas that will make his friends completely envious? Start with a manly location that used to be associated with chores, such as the garage, basement or tool shed. Since this is his sanctuary, you don’t need a theme or to worry about matching colors. Let it be an eclectic array of stuff he enjoys.

Men love to relax, hang out, play games, drink beer (or other favorite beverages) and eat munchies. Consider a beverage refrigerator, vending machine, kegerator or bar in your man cave. The latest and greatest electronics and entertainment should be here such as a giant TV, entertainment center, giant speakers for loud music or band equipment. Any sports fan will love a putting green, foosball table, pool table and lots of sports memorabilia. The possibilities are limitless and can be tailored to his interests.

Man Cave Foosball Table

Top 10 Signs Your Guy Needs A Man Cave

10 – Believes changing his underwear during the sport season brings bad karma.

9 – Insists holes in his favorite chair just make it more comfortable.

8 – Has been thrown out of Best Buy because he won’t share the remote with customers.

7 – The Kegerator is enshrined in the middle of your living room.

6 – Thinks beer pong is an acceptable sport for your dining room table.

5 – Argues that sports memorabilia is appropriate “art” for your bedroom.

4 – Is too embarrassed to invite his friends over because you make them mind their manners.

3 – If he does have friends over, you find pizza stuffed in the cushions of your couch.

2 – Contends that peanut shells on the floor create ambiance.

1 – He is suddenly interested in your shoe obsession.

A Man Cave is really just a male sanctuary. Keep in mind that this sanctuary is as much for you as for him … it’s  a place for him to do all of the things that you hate … a place where you don’t have to see it, smell it or hear it. You can live in peaceful oblivion and not have to know about, or better yet, deal with it!

While ignorance in terms of manly habits can be bliss, don’t keep the signs a secret. Share the Top 10 Signs with your friends; they may be in a similar situation.  What signs of needing a man cave does your spouse/significant other exhibit?  Tell us about it on Facebook (, Tweet us @MyOrnamentShop or simply comment on this blog.

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