Unique Christmas Tree Themes For 2016

Looking for a unique way to jazz up this year’s Christmas tree? Try one of these unique Christmas tree themes to add an extra dash of personality to your holiday celebration!

Over the past several years, uniquely themed Christmas trees that break from tradition have grown in popularity. These trees are often decorated in ways that add both a personal and creative touch to your holiday celebrations.

Decorating the Christmas tree with my family is one of my favorite holiday traditions. Through the years I’ve decorated several themed Christmas trees, ranging from sports themes to beach themes, all of which were an exciting new spin on my family’s Christmastime festivities.

While there’s nothing wrong with adding conventional decorations on your tree, I think it’s also fun to go the unconventional route. To help inspire some creative thinking, I’ve listed a few of the most unique Christmas tree themes for 2016, perfect for any type of tree!

Patriotic Themed Christmas Tree

Patriotic Themed Christmas Tree | OrnamentShop.com
Show your American pride this holiday season by having a patriotic themed Christmas tree!

Use red, white, and blue Christmas lights and garland to wrap around your tree.  Also, you can cover your tree with symbolic red, white, and blue ribbon and accent it with some patriotic themed ornaments. Be sure to finish it off by adding a red, white, or blue bow to the top of the tree.

This will help to give your Christmas tree a lovely patriotic theme that might even tempt you to leave up even after the holiday season is over.

Snowman Themed Christmas Tree

Snowman Themed Christmas Tree | OrnamentShop.com
If you’re like me and love everything about the holiday season, what better way to symbolize your love then with a snowman themed Christmas tree! I absolutely adore this Christmas tree theme.

Celebrate the holidays by decorating your tree with all things snowmen.  Cover your tree in white Christmas lights and garland to resemble the color of snow. Next, wrap a red scarf around the top of your tree to mirror the look of Frosty the Snowman. You can even add some twigs on the side of your tree to symbolize the snowman’s arms! Lastly, don’t forget to add your snowman themed Christmas ornaments as the centerpiece to your tree this holiday season.

If you’re looking for a unique way to top off your snowman themed Christmas tree, try using a black top hat as your tree topper, which magically brings a snowman to life!

Man Cave Themed Christmas Tree

Man Cave Themed Christmas Tree | OrnamentShop.com
The man cave, which is a man’s sanctuary free from female influence, behavior and sensibilities, deserves its own tree that flows with the feel of the room.

First things first, you are going to want to decorate your tree with a colorful scheme of lights and man cave ornaments signifying a favorite sports team, a favorite color, and even a favorite food! To turn your tree into the ultimate man cave monument, make sure to add a tree topper that follows the theme of your man cave. Use a hat from your favorite team or a bottle from your favorite drink to top off your man cave themed Christmas tree.

This tree should resemble the interests of the man of the house and should be decorated accordingly.

For more man cave decorating tips, be sure to check out our blog about The Mystery Of The Man Cave.

Did you use any of these unique themes for your Christmas tree this year? Do you have a Christmas tree theme of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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