Creative Money Graduation Gifts Students Love To Receive

There are lots of different kinds of Graduation Gifts out there to choose from, but all graduates want money! Giving money graduation gifts can be boring, so here is a cute and clever way to present the much needed funds to your graduate!

A personalized jar full of money diplomas is one of the best graduation gifts for many reasons: the denominations will be a surprise, it is a personal gift, can be taken to college and looks adorable displayed in your graduate’s bedroom.

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How To Make Personalized Money Jar Graduation Gifts

Graduation gifts that are fun, practical and creative all in one are hard to come by, so make this money jar that you will be honored to give.

Supplies for Money Jar Graduation Gifts:
• Mason jar with flat rather than rounded sides
• Personalized graduation ornament from
• Glue
• Paint pens in school colors
• White paper (8 ½” x 11” cut into 4 equal strips horizontally)
• Square piece of black felt
• Piece of yarn approximately 18”
• Ribbon in school colors, cut in 4” pieces

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Step 1: Write a favorite quote on the mason jar using the paint pens. We chose the saying “Today is a perfect day to start living your DREAM”. Let it dry.


Step 2: Lay the mason jar on its side and glue the personalized graduation ornament to a side.


Step 3: Unscrew the lid on the jar and glue the black felt square to the top of the lid. Note: If your felt is flimsy, you might want to glue a piece of cardboard prior to securing it to the lid. Using the strand of yarn, make a tassel and glue it to the top of the black felt so that it looks like a graduation hat.


Step 4: While Steps 2 and 3 are setting, roll money inside of the strips of white paper and secure with a ribbon so that each roll looks like a diploma.


Step 5: Fill the jar with the diplomas and close the lid.


That’s it! Your graduation gifts are ready to give and you don’t even have to wrap them!

These money jars are the perfect graduation gifts that will be greatly appreciated by your graduate! If you want to fill the jar with diplomas, write inspirational sayings, words of wisdom or any other personal messages on the white papers. This way your graduation gifts will be meaningful and practical!


Shop the personalized graduation ornaments at for graduation gifts your graduate will cherish for years to come. Or, check out our collegiate ornament collection if your graduate is a high school grad heading for a college or university in the fall!


In order to make these graduation gifts turn out the best, look for personalized graduation ornaments with flat backs. Share this graduation gifts idea with your friends who are looking forward to a summer full of graduation parties this year!


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