The Best Ornaments For a Beach-Themed Christmas Tree

Do you want to bring your love of the beach home with you this Christmas? Heed the call of the sea and check out our best personalized gifts for a beach-themed Christmas tree!

Beaches all over the world draw in millions of visitors every summer with their raw beauty. They’re among my favorite vacation spots, from Florida to Hawaii and Venice to Brazil. I always say, “It doesn’t matter where you go in life, so long as there is a beach close by!” The serene sounds of the ocean overwhelm me and put me in a state of pure relaxation.  Surfers and volleyball players only add excitement on these wonderful summer days.

For those of you who love the beach just as much as I do, I’ve put together a list of the best Christmas ornaments for a beach-themed Christmas tree. You might have a summer themed Christmas tree, or a coastal home with wonderful beach memories to cherish during the winter.  This way, you can take that feeling of being at the beach into your home with you for coastal decor this holiday season – whether you’re looking to brighten up the cold winter months or to give your shore-side home just the right cheer!

The Best Coastal Decor Christmas Tree Ornaments

Whether you’re searching for coastal decorations, personalized vacation gifts, beach-themed Christmas tree ideas, nautical decor or tropical decor – you’ve found the perfect list. We have many resin, glass and wooden ornaments featured below that beautifully reflect serene ocean themes.

Before you go, be sure to shop around for our full selection!

Adirondack Beach Chairs for 5 Christmas Ornament

A beach ornament with 5 Adirondack chairs to personalize with names and a tag underneath for where you went on vacation!|

Vacations aren’t the same without the whole family on-board, and this ornament can feature up to five from your latest beach vacation! Does your family enjoy sitting in the same set of Adirondack chairs each year, or do you simply all love lounging together and enjoying the summer sun with light clouds overhead?

This ornament features an assortment of colorful chairs on the sand with a hanging tag underneath. Personalize each chair with the first name of your family member or friend, and then personalize the location or event on the tag underneath! We have “Spring Break” but you might want to write “Summer 2018,” “Myrtle Beach, NC,” or “The Jersey Shore.” Memorialize the most relaxing moments of your life together right here on this keepsake.

Flip-Flops Family of 8 Christmas Ornament

A flip-flop and star fish ornament for personalizing up to eight family members on one beach-themed coastal keepsake. Perfect for your summer vacation. | OrnamentShop.comWith four pairs of colorful flip-flop sandals featured on this ornament, you’re able to personalize them with up to eight names! Include all eight of your family members in one memorable keepsake to represent your fun in the sand between trekking from your hotel room all the way to the shore. Those moments of losing a flip-flop in the waves or rinsing your feet before heading inside for the afternoon will never be forgotten.

We also provide space below the flip-flops so that you can personalize where the vacation occurred or your family name.

Sand Bucket Christmas OrnamentSand Bucket Christmas Ornament |

This sand bucket ornament is just what you need to make any beach-themed Christmas tree one that guests and family members will admire and talk about for years to come.

It features a red and white striped sand bucket filled with glistening sand and a variety of shells. It also has a blue shovel dug into the sand next to the bucket and an adorable little starfish in the front. You might also like our blue sand pail ornament with green glitter stripes if it better matches your coastal decor!

Be sure to personalize the sand bucket with your name and the site of your favorite beach vacation!

Beach Vacation Car Christmas OrnamentBeach Vacation Car Christmas Ornament |

This shiny red car is jam-packed with everything the family needs for their beach vacation.

There is a road map to help them get to the beach, the family dog is hanging his head out of the window, and the roof of the car is piled with important beach essentials.

The side of the car can be personalized with the name of the family or the beach destination. This ornament makes a great addition to a beach-themed Christmas tree or the perfect keepsake to commemorate an unforgettable beach vacation.

Corona Extra Cooler Christmas Ornament

A silver 6-pack of glass Corona bottles made of resin as a personalized Christmas ornament | OrnamentShop.comFor adults who love lounging on the beach with a drink in hand, Corona has been a long-time staple!

This ornament features a silver 6-pack case with Corona bottles in original packaging for “Corona” on the side. You can personalize the name of your family member who never forgets this summer essential right below the logo. The ornament is made of resin and solid, which gives it a good weight.

If you’ve taken a newly 21-year old to the beach this year, this keepsake is the perfect gift. You might also like our Tropical Drink Christmas Ornament with a green cup and a wonderful pink habiscus flower to top it off!

Beach Couple Christmas Ornaments

A crab couple holds claws at the beach on a personalized beach-themed Christmas ornament - perfect for a couple's first vacation together! | OrnamentShop.comFor a couple heading to the beach, we have adorable vacation keepsake gifts to choose from. This crab couple is featured in front of a yellow sand pail and with a star fish nearby while holding claws in the sand. Personalize the pail with where you traveled on vacation or with a cute message, then personalize each crab with the couple’s names!

They’ll hang this on their first Christmas tree together and will remember their very first beach vacation years down the line. You might also want to see our beach couple while standing ornament to represent a male and female about to head to the beach. We also have a couple on a cruise ship to represent a cruise vacation, and a day at the beach couple hanging out in the water in their bathing suits.

Lifeguard Male Christmas Ornament

A male life guard has a whistle in his mouth and holds a long life preserver to help save lives. | OrnamentShop.comWe all know the beach isn’t the same without the lifeguards.A female lifeguard with a whistle in her mouth, holding a long red life preserver. Personalize with the name of a friend! | For anyone’s coastal decor, if you’re representing the beach, then the lifeguard is a mainstay. Whether you know a certain lifeguard who would be perfect for personalizing on this ornament, or if you want to represent the reminder you always gave your children to stay in front of the lifeguard’s chair, this ornament perfectly memorializes this figure from your every beach trip.

We have both male and female lifeguards in case you have a girl friend who is a professional lifeguard too. These experts are actual life savers, and it’s important to reflect on the job as essential on the beach — and essential for a true beach-themed Christmas tree!

Jet Ski Male Christmas Ornament

A brunette man on a jet ski ornament. Check our selections to personalize your own! | OrnamentShop.comWhich kind of surfer do you prefer? I love watching both the surfers riding the waves on their colorful surf boards, and the daring wind surfers cruising along with the breeze. These beach-side sports are so much fun to do let alone to spectate!

Let’s not forget jet-skiing is so much fun, too, and a little easier to learn. I remember when my kids were young adults and we would take them to the beach, we would let them rent jet-skiis — as long as they

A windsurfing female with a pink and green sail leans into the wind on a personalized ornament. |

were always safe! They had a ball riding the waves, and I made sure I took plenty of pictures then later gave them vacation keepsakes to help remember their favorite moments of the year. When we look back on how active we were at the beach, it’s really a pleasure. There’s nothing that will ever replace these moments!

Oyster Polish Glass Ornament

An ornament of an oyster with a pearl in the center made of polish glass. |

If you enjoy watching the sea life during your summer vacations, this oyster ornament made with polish glass is for you. It represents a rare pearl found in this creature, and is made of high-quality material with unmatched beauty.

Whether you’re a pearl diver, love collecting shells, or if you simply love this sea creature, it will add a wonderful shine to your coastal tree along side your string lights.

Lighthouse Glass Christmas Ornaments

Is there a special somewhere that you always enjoy passing on the edge of a coastalA red and white striped lighthouse resembling a candy cane- perfect for a beach themed Christmas tree. | peninsula? Or did you tour a wonderful historical lighthouse and wanted to perfectly remember the event with your family?

We have a wonderful selection of lighthouse Christmas ornaments to represent the different patterns you might have noticed on your favorite lighthouse. You can personalize it with the location and date of your visit so that you can reflect on this adventure every time you  hang it on your tree. You might also have a lighthouse theme in your home such as in your bathroom or living room and might be interested in displaying your lighthouse ornament on a glass ornament stand year-round! Show off your family’s journey to all of your guests.

Wooden Nautical Ring Christmas Ornament

A wooden life preserver nautical ring to personalize and hang on your beach-themed Christmas tree, featuring a lighthouse! | OrnamentShop.comFor a very nautically-themed tree, enjoy this while and blue life preserver! Personalize top and bottom between the rope accents with names, locations and dates for your favorite vacation get away or to rememeber this year’s trip. The ornament preserver is decorated with a light house and fishing bobbles. Not to mention, it’s carved from wood!

Life preservers add such a classic touch and remind me of when my uncles would take me out on their fishing boat so many years ago. This symbol brings back such reminiscent memories, and are sure to do the same for your family years from now when you’re all celebrating Christmas and reflecting on the best summer moments.

Beach Sand Tree Christmas Ornament

A sandcastle ornament to represent a tree made of sand for Christmas. |

Last but not least, we all love a bit of irony while bringing sunny days to winter chills. This ornament features a pile of sand decorated just like your Christmas tree at home with lights wrapped around it and presents at the foot of the sculpture. This ornament can be personalized on the flat surface on the bottom with the date and location of your family vacation this year.

Building sandcastles is such a blast to do with the kids. There’s nothing quite like building one up together and letting the waves wash it away so that the next day when you return, your kids can express their creativity all over again. Even when their sandcastles fall down, it’s a joy to have built it in the first place. Sand sculptures teach us a wonderful lesson about enjoying the little things in life. Unlike your sandcastle from vacation, this one will last a lifetime.

With over 5,000 ornaments to choose from, don’t limit yourself to what’s above. Check out the rest of our vacation Christmas ornaments for more ideas to decorate your beach-themed Christmas tree.

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